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For the last 30 years, CIB has been an established manufacturer of standard applications, innovating output and document management as well as a reliable partner in IT consulting. More than 2,000,000 licenses in total used by our customers, which include renowned financial institutions and insurance companies, public administrations, as well as international industrial companies.

The CIB products are involved in all phases of the document lifecycle: document preparation, interaction, creation, publishing and archiving. The type and scope of user interaction throughout all phases is fully oriented on your business processes. You select the way of our software use in accordance with your requirements.

Do you need a comprehensive solution for tasks in correspondence management? Use our CIB coSys standard application.
Do you want to extend your own application with document functionality? The CIB office modules building kit system is the perfect solution.

Across the globe, over 160,000 private customers and more than 300 large and medium-sized companies rely on the CIB products and consulting services benefitting from fast throughput times and significantly reduced costs while achieving better document quality and compliance with corporate design. The scalability and cross-platform implementation of our software in combination with the use of standardized formats such as PDF and RTF, secure these benefits in the long run.

CIB provides you with innovative solutions-oriented products for your documents from template to archive. Individualized project support from planning through to maintenance. Long-term, partnership-based cooperation for mutual success.

The CIB office modules subdivided into the following areas:

The components of the CIB docgen product family enable the creation, processing, forms printing and dynamic documents from the client, as a scalable server solution, or using browser-based user interfaces.

With CIB doXima, you will be able to get your documents under control through a secure and efficient document management. With this archival solution, documents can be managed and archived within the company across their entire lifecycle without media interruptions. Our correspondence system CIB coSys unifies a multitude of individual CIB office modules. This comprehensive solution covers the complete requirements profile as standard product in document management: from preparation to revision-proof archiving.

This bundling ensures proven business processes for all phases of the document lifecycle in conjunction with a very low adjustment outlay for your infrastructure. The CIB pdf products support the requirements for creating, displaying and editing PDF documents.

CIB pdf brewer – the intuitive software solution for PDF creation – is especially popular among business and private clients. The network printer is free of charge for private use and can be downloaded at any time from our German website: CIB pdf brewer

Another company product – CIB doXisafe is a free app for scanning any documents with your smartphone (no ads, no registration required). With this tool you can manage your documents in the twinkling of an eye. Just take a photo, extract text from the scanned image using OCR, create and edit PDF or image files, upload your files into the cloud and share it with a doXiview code, link, QR Code or e-mail attachment. If you are on PC or laptop, you can simply upload, store and share your documents using our free web application:

In order to make the scanning process smoother than ever, you can use CIB doXibox – a unique portable box that works together with a smartphone as a mobile scanner. In just under five seconds, it is now possible to digitize any type of documents in high quality, what makes them easy for editing or archiving.

LibreOffice powered by CIB is an enterprise ready solution which combines the advantages of an award-winning free and open source office suite developed by a world-wide community and the benefits of a professional, secure support offer! Our team of certified developers, trainers and migrators can support you in each phase of a LibreOffice’s introduction in your daily workflow.

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