Our office building in Las Palmas: A house with history

The former residents of Calle Perojo 29 visited CIB's offices on Gran Canaria last week. Four of the six siblings who, like their parents, were born in Perojo 29, as well as their children and grandchildren, were present. 

Uli Brandner and several CIB employees welcomed the members of the Pérez Rodríguez family, who were amazed at what they saw. More than a decade had passed since they visited the house. Much has changed in the house that was home to their family for a century. Where once the kitchen and dining room were, now CIB developers sit!

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(I) CIB labs powered by the Sun!

CIB labs takes the first steps towards energetic self-sufficiency.

This week we had our second meeting with a renewable energy company for our office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Our vision at CIB includes measures to make us independent of fossil fuels and give us sufficient autonomy not to be dependent on external power supply. This makes us both more environmentally friendly and less susceptible to power outages. This is how we guarantee consistent excellence for our customers.
Stay tuned for our next CIB GREEN IT releases!


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DSLP students back at CIB

As part of the IMPULSA program, CIB will receive three students from the German School Las Palmas in the coming weeks to complete their student internship.

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CIB and the DSV start their collaboration

CIB has participated on June 22nd in the Week of Labour Orientation of the German School of Valencia (DSV). A sponsorship agreement was also signed within the framework of the Impulsa Programme. 

The day began with a presentation by CIB's Managing Director, Uli Brandner. The students showed great interest in our "dual training" and internship programme. However, it was the artificial intelligence in relation to our projects and our support programme for innovation start-ups that excited the group of young people. 

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CIB signs sponsoring agreement with the German School Las Palmas

The German School of Las Palmas and CIB signed a sponsoring agreement that will be the solid base of financing for the realisation of reserch projects and the technical education of the students. This agreement has been sealed with a handshake between our managing director Uli Brandner and the acting chairman of the school Alejandro Girona Ratzke in a meeting on May 21 at the German School.

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