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Our office Building in Las Palmas: A house with history

The former residents of Calle Perojo 29 visited CIB’s offices on Gran Canaria last week. Four of the six siblings who, like their parents, were born in Perojo 29, as well as their children and grandchildren, were present. 

Uli Brandner and several CIB employees welcomed the members of the Pérez Rodríguez family, who were amazed at what they saw. More than a decade had passed since they visited the house. Much has changed in the house that was home to their family for a century. Where once the kitchen and dining room were, now CIB developers sit!

Three generations gathered thas afternoon in the building, built in 1909 by Don Victoriano Pérez and Doña Lola in the “modernist” style. Many anecdotes were told and the many memories and emotions made the visit a nostalgic, but also happy experience.

The many coffee bags from the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea stored on the upper floor, which gave the house a special aroma, the 80kg shepherddog Bob, and the skeleton that Dr. Rafael used for anatomy lessons during his studies (after digging it up personally from the village cemetery in Moya!), are of course no longer in the house.

In 2006 the building was closed due to the ruinous condition of the upper floor and the consequent danger of collapse. The Pérez family’s relationship with Perojo 29 ended, but CIB has set itself the goal of saving this story from oblivion and the passage of time.

Soon we will publish further and detailed information about the history of our building…. and maybe there will be more surprises! 

Let´s CIB!