CIB labs

CIB is sponsor of the Deutsche Schule Valencia

CIB has participated on June 22nd in the Week of Labour Orientation of the German School of Valencia (DSV). A sponsorship agreement was also signed within the framework of the Impulsa Programme. 

The day began with a presentation by CIB’s Managing Director, Uli Brandner. The students showed great interest in our “dual training” and internship programme. However, it was the artificial intelligence in relation to our projects and our support programme for innovation start-ups that excited the group of young people. 

Through our “collective intelligence game”, the students had their first insight into CIB’s activities. The path to Collective Intelligence, initiated by Aristotle*, aroused so much interest that Uli and the rest of the CIB team had to answer many questions. In addition, one of the students presented his own project. 

After lunch, Uli signed the sponsorship agreement with the DSV. CIB will support student projects, the Jugend Forscht program, academic and job-oriented events and the procurement of technological equipment. 

* Did you know that…?

The Greek philosopher Aristotle is considered one of the fathers of the concept of Collective Intelligence.

 “The principle that the multitude ought to be supreme rather than the few best is one that is mantained, and, though not free from difficulty, yet seems to contain an element of thruth. For the many, of whom each individual is but an ordinary person, when they meet together may very likely be better than the few good, if regarded not individually but collectively […]. For each individual among the many has a share of virtue and prudence, and when they meet together, they become in a manner one man, who has mny feet, and hands, and senses; that is a figure of their mind and disposition. Hence the many are better judges than a single man of music and poetry; for some understand one part, and some another, and among them they understand the whole.” (Aristotle, Politics)