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In October 2016 CIB attended the conference KMU-innovativ in Hannover, being present with an own exhibition stand. In order to encourage the active participation of the visitors, we brought our doXibox – the mobile scanner on the go. During the exiting competition, the doXibox had to be mounted and a picture had to be taken with a smartphone as fast as possible.

This year Jens Bürgin made it only in 14 seconds and won a trip for two to our CIB location in Gran Canaria. Once arrived on the island we had the chance to interview the winner:

Mr. Bürgin, what was your experience at the KMU-innovativ? In your opinion, what was the most relevant message?

It was my first visit to the KMU-innovativ and already presenting our own project. The most relevant message was actually seeing that the great potential of the IT sector has been acknowledged, is put to use und most importantly that SMCs in the sector can receive project support.

You have been the fastest one mounting the CIB doXibox – in just 14 seconds. What was the first thing you thought of when you knew you won?

I did not realize that I won until I received an email from CIB. Being a company in the IT sector the location in Spain seemed rather uncommon but once we found out about it, we rapidly decided on our holiday location – we´ve always been wanting to go to Gran Canaria.

Could you tell us the secret for mounting the doXibox as fast as you did?

Don´t think much about it – just do it.

Did you know the product before?

No, my first contact with the product was at the conference.

Do you know our mobile application? For example the application CIB doXisafe that allows the ideal use of the doXibox?

Up until now I was not aware of the mobile application for the doXibox but it seems a fantastic idea.

Which technology could you abandon and which technology could you never live without?

I would not be able to live without my laptop because it enables me to work in an easy and fast manner – especially now as I am writing my doctor thesis. If you just think about the circumstances of how these type of papers have been written in the past…

But I could live without my mobile. I use it primarily for information exchange. It feels good not always being available – especially on my holidays in Gran Canaria.

Thank you Mr. Bürgin. We wish you sunny and relaxing vacation on the island.

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