CIB labs


From the very beginning, CIB labs has shown a clear interest in the German School of Las Palmas. Our sympathy and interest in this particular school are perfectly understable, with our parent company CIB GmbH being a German based firm and almost half of our colleagues in Las Palmas being alumni of the school.

Our main objectives have been to strenghten our ties through cooperation and the cultural exchange between the two countries – and, most importantly, to bring the students closer to the technological sector.

As a first step in this joint path, CIB labs enthusiastically presented its project of support to the MINT course (acronym in German for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science and Technology) of the German School. In this occasion different groups of 15 year old students (equivalent to 4º of ESO) elaborated on projects related to MINT subjects. Each group wrote its own business plan with its corresponding budget, its goal being to carry them out throughout the school year.

Among the very interesting projects this year, we can find a water desalination plant that works with solar energy, the creation of an ultraviolet sensor to prevent sun damage to the skin, or the development of a stick with sensors for blind people. The students working in teams, learn how projects are developed in a company, the importance of a budget and how to be proactive and resolute with their own ideas and goals.

CIB labs collaborates in this exciting technology-based program, providing the financial support that the MINT students need to carry out their projects. We believe it is of great importance that the business community collaborates with these initiatives that form and stimulate our future generations.