CIB labs


Interview with CIB labs Coordinator Patricia Santana for spanish paper “El Mundo” (Abstract):

CIB works by developing standard software around the document lifecycle management, for full digitization.

CIB develops its products mainly thinking about the needs of large companies. Our portfolio consists mainly of insurers, banks and the public administration: Allianz, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Grupo Generali, Banco Popular, Bosch Siemens or Munich. But we also work for private clients: about 160,000 worldwide use our solutions, including CIB pdf Brewer, a program that serves to convert documents to pdf; Or CIB doXisafe (Android / iOS and web app), a free app that lets you scan documents, extract text (OCR), create pdfs, share them and upload them to the cloud for free.

CIB solutions work in a modular or integrated way, adapting to the needs of each customer.

We offer different solutions that work in a modular or integrated way, adapting to the needs of each client. Among them, stand out CIB coSys (CIB Correspondence System), which integrates several of the modules to offer a complete solution, from the creation of templates to the archiving of documents; CIB doXima: professional document management software that allows long-term secure archiving and versioning of documents; CIB doXiview, a document viewer that does not require installation; And the aforementioned CIB doXisafe and CIB pdf brewer. In addition, we have a team of LibreOffice certified developers who provide services (migration, support, consultancy, etc.) around these types of products, which many companies are opting for.